Rules and Regulations

  • Student must always come to school in uniform, which should be clean and ironed.
  • Student must come to school 10 minutes before the time fixed for assembly.
  • Late comers and absentees must send written explanation form the parents in the diary.
  • Students must obey the class monitors appointed in the absence of teachers to maintain discipline and good order.
  • Damages done to the school property must be made good.
  • Negligence in homework, irregularity in attendance, irregularity in payment of fees and misbehaviour in school will justify dismissal.
  • Except in case of illness, children will not be granted any leave other than regular vacation periods. Name of the students will be struck off the rolls who absent themselves         without application for 14 days and security forfeited. Unless unavoidable, parents will not be permitted to take their children from school during school hours.
  • Parents must check the diary regularly and note teacher's remarks etc. Parent's co-operation is vital for all round development of the child. Parents must take genuine         interest in their child's progress.
  • In the morning under no circumstances is any parent at liberty to take the child right in to the classroom and make him/her sit in a particular place, nor will any parent stand         outside or go into any classroom when school is over. They will have to leave the child at the gate and pick him/her from there only.
  • Parents are not permitted to meet the class teacher or any subject teacher during school hours on week days, except on all working saturdays, when then can go and         directly meet the respective teacher. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PARENTS BE RUDE OR USE DEROGATORY LANGUAGE WITH TEACHERS WHILE               DISCUSSING THEIR WARD.

Responsibilities of Parents

  • The school does not hold responsibility for the loss of books, stationery or any valuable things of a student during school time or on way to school or home.
  • Parents are requested to keep check over their wards that they should not carry valuable things to the school.
  • In case of such students where the parents take the responsibility of transition to school and home, the school authorities will not be answerable or responsible for the         whereabouts of the students before and after school hours.
  • Before sending the child to school, parents should ensure that:
  • Child is neatly dressed with clean uniform. Unauthorised pattern in the uniform is not permitted.
  • Teeth must be clean and nails must be properly cut.
  • Shoes must be properly maintained. All books must be in the bag.
  • All children must have a hankie an an identity school.
  • Children must be punctual. Late comers will not be accepted in the school. They will be sent back.
  • The child must look smart - Parents are responsible.
  • Parents must take heed to the advice given to them in the catalogue. They must also try and speak to the children in English. Few words and sentences in English will help         the child to understand English words and sentences. This will be in addition to what is taught in school.
  • Children must also be taught good manners and etiquettes at home. They must never be permitted to learn or use abusive language.
  • Books/exercise-books should be covered
  • Parents must see and sign the diaries daily.
  • Parents must sign the examination report card and ensure that the same is sent to the school as required. Loss of any report card will be replaced by the school on                 payment of Rs.10/-
The student is not allowed to bring any gadgets like mobile, music player etc. Within school premises. If found, a heavy fine will be charged without any consideration.